New music from MNEK! And it’s another keeper. Didn’t expect anything less, though. 



I’m asking because forreal like when i first heard about pink moscato people was making it seem like it was some upper echelon shit

so i asked my mom about it and she told me if i drink pink moscato i have basically failed her as a daughter and i never even looked at it after that

What say you?

beautynbaltimore, I loathe sweet wines — including sweet sparkling wines, and dessert wines — and I don’t like Moscato. I stick to robust reds and tend to prefer sparkling wine that’s not sweet, crisp, and citrusy. But to each his/her own.

Pink Moscato isn’t something that’s inaccessible and it’s very affordable, so if that’s what folks like, then they should stock up and enjoy!

People mag finally breaks trend. 

People mag finally breaks trend. 

The documentary, ‘Twenty Feet From Stardom’ is currently streaming on Netflix, and I highly recommend it. Background singers are the unsung heroes of music, and it’s good to see them front-and-center, telling their stories. 

Good reviews of expensive restaurants tend to tap metaphors about sex and sensuality (“these oysters are so seductive”). Good reviews of cheap places, on the other hand, go for the drug and addiction analogies (“this pizza is my crack”).

The traumatic, sensual, addicted language of restaurant reviews (and what it says about you)

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Asked by living-for-symphonies living-for-symphonies

do you go to the new school? I just got accepted and am curious about the atmosphere and stuff from a students perspective

I wish I could help you glean more insight or give you insider knowledge, but unfortunately I’m not a student at The New School, nor did I graduate from there. You should fare well however, because I’ve heard it’s a very progressive institution and at the top of the heap, as far as its reputation and curriculum goes. Not to mention, it’s located in a prime neighborhood and has a diverse student body.

If you decide to attend, good luck! And congrats on being accepted. 

Vanity Fair's Big Butt Story Overlooks People Of Color


The bodies of women of color are in a precarious situation: they are either at odds with the standard of beauty or become that standard without being credited.